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Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal Imaging Technology

Here at AB Plumbing & Heating, we do our best to keep up to date with new technology so that we can improve the service we provide our customers. Thermal imaging is very useful in the many ways in the central heating industry that’s why we have invested in this technology. 

locating sludged up radiators on your heating system, Sludge will sit at the lowest point in a radiator and stop the circulation of water in that area. This will cause cold spots on your radiator, as shown in the images below. Cold spots on radiators will reduce the amount of heat being produced and slow down the process of heating your room. This means your boiler will be pumping away for a lot longer than it should, costing you more money. If this problem is not found and corrected it could get worse and even cause a total breakdown of your system or boiler. Thermal imaging helps us find this problem in your home quickly and gives you peace of mind with before and after photos showing you the improvements to your radiators. 


Tracing and diagnosing underfloor heating faults, we can use thermal imaging to trace your underfloor heating pipework even through screeded floors. This allows us to find leaks and blocked pipework quickly and without causing any damage to your floor coverings. Using thermal imaging and other equipment we can pinpoint the leak so that we only damage the necessary area of your floor, this also allows us to repair the leak faster meaning less time on site for us and lower bills for you. Most faults we find are due to installation error so make sure you use a rateable heating company to install your underfloor heating, call us today to arrange a home visit for a quotation for your underfloor heating system.


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